About Us

Terri Roberts

India Business Solutions

In short, IBS is a combination of dreams. A dream to serve the neglected SME (for us, its Smart and Mindful Enterprises) by the all big accounting firms across the ASIA, A dream to combine Business and Legal consulting services, A dream to provide pro Bono (Business & Legal consulting services) to those that deserve and, a dream to pick and set-together a bunch of like minded, energetic, knowledgeable and, experienced people. And this is what IBS.

IBS is a team of high quality solution providers who have proven credential of more than 2 decades in the legal, financial, strategic and general business advisory space and a mindshare of more than 250 clients across India and other countries.

Below are the detailed team composition.

IBS Management Team

Advisory Panel

IBS advisory panel members are our guiding stars and they are advising the team from time to time in our strategy, expert advises on subject matters. Inc.’s sentiments see a paradigm shift toward compliance

Ranganath Iyengar B.Sc. (Hons.), MBA and PGDCA, Ranganath is a Domain Expert with more than 21 years of Industry experience across Technology/Software, Operations, Management Consulting in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, IT and BPO/KPO. Extensive experience hands on experience in outsourcing strategic/operations advisory, transition management, technology and business compliance.