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  • Will this be about a mere exchange of clients?
    At IBS, we believe in building and growing a consulting community together; our business franchise model is over and above a mere exchange of clients. We help organizations nurture on their own (under our umbrella), and tap into multiple networks globally and pan-India. While you accelerate your growth, our primary aim is to offer an array of services and overview.
  • Will I lose my individual brand identity?
    We require the addition of IBS name for new assignments and clients. All our arrangements are negotiated keeping in mind the age, reputation and services of the practice/ organization in question.
  • Will I have to part with my existing clients?
    Your existing clientele will still be serviced by the original team. We do highly recommend projecting yourself as an integral part of the IBS group as this will enable an additional edge for you in the industry while portraying yourself as a provider of wider services and solutions.
  • Can I pitch for services that are not my expertise?
    As a part of our franchisee deal, we will support you towards pitching to any new business. We provide 360* solutions for organizations. By getting associated with us, you will have a larger client pool to tap into, with access to a wider range of financial and legal solutions. Your organization will be backed by our team of experts for areas that are not currently under your portfolio.
  • Will I have to arrange for my own business space and clientele?
    If you have a functioning office set-up, we would recommend continuing your business from the same space. In case you requires a new set-up, we will be able to assist you with an appropriate arrangement. We offer an open communication channel where both of us can work and collaborate to grow in our current, transformative age.
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