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The IBS group was formed in 2010 by top industry specialists, with the purpose of delivering effective, proactive solutions to developing intra- as well as international enterprises. Our ever-growing and evolving team consists of problem-solvers, CEOs and specialists from a multitude of industries-legal, financial, strategic, as well as general business areas—with more than two decades of work-oriented expertise.

Serving over 100+ satisfied clients across Asia’s top 500+ companies.

The IBS network of leading advisories offers an invaluable franchise opportunity to up-and-coming businesses, as well as aspiring legal and financial advisory firms. We are constantly on the lookout for companies that fit well into our culture of collaboration and add value to our group’s network.


With the collaboration of the IBS group, start-ups as well as established organisations can expect benefits that are visible not only in the short term, but contribute to the long-term reputation and efficacy of the company in the global marketplace.


A collaboration can prove to be the crucial difference that elevates struggling organisations into streamlining their offering and finessing their presentation. Clear, noticeable improvements are made possible not only in the tangible level (profits, market share, asset growth), but equally in the intangible level (employee morale, efficiency of workforce, and vertical communication).



Expand Your Portfolio

Our network of partners and advisories is constantly expanding, which grants us exposure to expertise across sectors, from industries of different sizes. If you are looking to expand your portfolio of services, streamline your existing product offering, or simply looking to magnify the scale of your operations, IBS Group offers you an opportunity to expand your capabilities, improve your marketability, and cater to clients of different markets and demographic horizons.


Value Add: 25% Growth in First Year

Our team is committed to providing 25% growth to your organisation within the first 12 months of collaboration. With constant manual interventions, lateral training and regular quality checks, IBS will ensure you achieve your stated goals within a stipulated time-frame.


1 Week of Training & Case Studies

IBS endeavours to provide one week of comprehensive training to the employees of your organisation, including case study discussion with industry experts. Your organisation will be familiarised with systematic workplace improvements and global quality standards, and the same standards will be monitored by our team regularly post the training period.


Industry & Legal Updates

We are committed to knowledge sharing. Our diverse team carries with it real-life practical experience and a widespread knowledge base, and we constantly provide you with detailed and customised data and guidelines, as per your specific requirements. In addition to this, we keep you informed about updates and changes in industry, legal, and financial standards.


Support and Clientele Development

Our core team has a long-standing reputation of dealing with international customers and new markets. We will personally assist you through the process of new lead generation, as well as evaluation of fresh markets and global outreach. When approaching new clientele, collaborating with the IBS group will solidify your trust-quotient in the international market, and amplify the value-add of your offering.

In summary, IBS offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for new and established organisations to expand their portfolio, outreach, and solidify their standing in the international marketplace.

If you are an organisation looking to deliver a distinctive experience to your clients, or would like to connect regarding growth and scalability, please connect with us for the particulars of this exclusive franchise deal.


  • Will this be about a mere exchange of clients?
    At IBS, we believe in building and growing a consulting community together; our business franchise model is over and above a mere exchange of clients. We help organizations nurture on their own (under our umbrella), and tap into multiple networks globally and pan-India. While you accelerate your growth, our primary aim is to offer an array of services and overview.
  • Will I lose my individual brand identity?
    We require the addition of IBS name for new assignments and clients. All our arrangements are negotiated keeping in mind the age, reputation and services of the practice/ organization in question.
  • Will I have to part with my existing clients?
    Your existing clientele will still be serviced by the original team. We do highly recommend projecting yourself as an integral part of the IBS group as this will enable an additional edge for you in the industry while portraying yourself as a provider of wider services and solutions.
  • Can I pitch for services that are not my expertise?
    As a part of our franchisee deal, we will support you towards pitching to any new business. We provide 360* solutions for organizations. By getting associated with us, you will have a larger client pool to tap into, with access to a wider range of financial and legal solutions. Your organization will be backed by our team of experts for areas that are not currently under your portfolio.
  • Will I have to arrange for my own business space and clientele?
    If you have a functioning office set-up, we would recommend continuing your business from the same space. In case you requires a new set-up, we will be able to assist you with an appropriate arrangement. We offer an open communication channel where both of us can work and collaborate to grow in our current, transformative age.


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