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Arbitration, a form of alternate dispute resolution, is commonly adopted by contracting parties to avoid lengthy court procedures. It was primarily conceived to provide for a streamlined and cost-conscious option to deal with a legal issue. Most contracts nowadays come with a arbitration clause, in which case a neutral arbitrator can issue legally enforceable resolution to the dispute (an arbitration award)

Arbitration is one of the key offerings of IBS. We aid our clients in navigating disputes by providing them with swift and efficient relief measures. Our strategies are tailor-made to your needs, with an awareness of your resources.


A lot of Indian and cross border transactions opt for international arbitration. One such preference is Arbitration in Singapore. It has a transparent process and gives cost estimate depending on the nature of claim and is being most preferred destination for Arbitration in recent times.


In Singapore, IBS helps to provide cost-effective and timely resolution of myriad business altercations. For both domestic as well as cross-border disputes, we provide solutions within an optimal turn-around time.

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