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Yes we are corporate advisors. Rather we are more than just corporate advisors. We work towards creating your success story - success as it means to you and for you. We, at IBS, work towards providing valuable insights into 360* corporate structuring in the South-East Asian markets.

Our team is the right mix of technical, commercial and operational experience catering to your unique situation and business requirement. We build customised solutions for MNC’s, SME’s and start-ups as well.

And with new investment avenues opening up in India and Singapore, we provide you specialised advisory services for your sector in both these countries.



  • Mergers, Amalgamations, JV and Takeover

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Overseas Investments (OSI)

  • Growth, Diversification, Divestment strategy

  • Inbound and Outbound Investments

  • Negotiation and Transaction support

  • Entry / Exit strategy



  • Setting up of Entities in India and/or Singapore

  • Holding / Subsidiary Structuring

  • Succession and Estate Planning

  • Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOP)

  • Asset Reconstruction

  • Exchange Control Regulatory Compliances

Furthermore, we give you complete incorporation support services for registering in India and Singapore. Liaise in India and Register in Singapore!

  • No Travel

  • No Overseas liaisoning

  • No faceless intermediaries

Your Singapore Company Registration made Quick & Easy

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